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Marginalized Communities: Hiv Aids

marginalized communities: Life within marginalized communities is difficult on the best days, but things get exponentially more complicated when you're living with HIV. Maintaining stable employment while accessing critical healthcare resources and raising a healthy family would be nearly impossible without help, according to NOW Magazine. Celebrating a 30-year anniversary, Fife House is the largest provider of housing and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area. Dozens of Toronto restaurants are set to donate a portion of their gross proceeds from evening sales on April 25 to support people and families living with HIV/AIDS. Full information here. These services can range from accessing housing or crisis intervention services, to basic assistance for refugee claims and a variety of legal issues. This spring will bring about the construction of a new housing initiative, which will transform the former Casey House hospital for HIV/AIDS care into 20 rooms of transitional housing. As one of Toronto's first points of contact with underprivileged communities, Fife House has grown significantly over its decades-long evolution and now serves hundreds of residents and clients through outreach and housing programs. ( As reported in the news.