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Janos Halasz: Draft Law and Christian Identity

janos halasz: That would allow Fidesz and its small ally, the Christian Democrats, to push through the so-called Stop Soros bills, said Janos Halasz, the party's parliamentary spokesman, according to The Chronicle Herald. Orban alleges that the opposition collaborating with the United Nations, the European Union and wealthy philanthropist George Soros wants to turn Hungary into an immigrant country, flooding it with mostly Muslim migrants and threatening its security and Christian identity. Election officials Monday were still counting mailed ballots, which added another seat to the Fidesz party's super-majority and gave it control over 134 of 199 seats in parliament. Approval of the draft law targeting the advocates for refugees could come as soon as May, the party said. The laws would force the NGOs working with migrants and asylum seekers to get government permits; income received from abroad would be taxed; advocacy groups could be banned from going closer than 8 kilometres 5 miles from Hungary's borders, where asylum-seekers file claims; and foreigners without authorization to help refugees could be banned from Hungary. The new laws could make it hard for groups working with asylum-seekers to continue their activities in Hungary. ( As reported in the news.