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Inflatable Boat: Turkish Government and Exit Visas

inflatable boat: But that guilt in my heart, I will take it to my grave, according to CTV. Kurdi gave her brother Abdullah nearly 5,000 to pay smugglers to take him and his family from Turkey to Greece, after the Turkish government would not grant them the exit visas they needed to enter Canada as refugees. I was trying to help my family, Tima Kurdi, who is based in Coquitlam, B.C., said in an interview with CTV's Your Morning. Their September 2015 journey across the Mediterranean ended in tragedy after the flimsy inflatable boat sank in rough seas. The images of Alan, wearing a red T-shirt, blue shorts and black shoes, and lying face-down in the surf, sparked outcry around the world. Eleven refugees died, including Abdullah's wife, Rehanna, and his two young boys, Ghalib and Alan. ( As reported in the news.