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Immigration Hearing: Duran and Police

immigration hearing: Fifteen minutes into his livestream, police told him, Get out of the street, according to Rabble. Duran asked where to go, but before he could comply, one officer ordered other riot police, Get him, guys. On April 3, Manuel Duran was outside the Shelby County jail in Memphis, reporting on the protest for the Spanish-language news site he runs, Memphis Noticias. As the police dragged him away, two protesters latched on to Duran in a protective embrace, shouting, He's a journalist! Duran was charged with blocking a roadway and disorderly conduct, charges that were promptly dropped. ICE says he skipped an immigration hearing in 2007, and has been a fugitive ever since. Rather than releasing him, on April 5 the Shelby sheriff handed him over to ICE. He was transported six hours south to the LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, Louisiana. ( As reported in the news.