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Hutu Extremists: Radio and Rwanda

hutu extremists: From April to July, 1994, almost a million ethnic Tutsis and their Hutu friends were slaughtered by marauding gangs of Hutu extremists, according to Rabble. In alternative media, there is a long tradition of using radio for peacebuilding, so many community radio workers were horrified to hear that the airwaves in Rwanda were being used to stoke the furnace of ethnic hatred. It began when a plane carrying the president of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana was shot down. Today we're repodcasting a story by David Kattenburg about how radio in Rwanda is working to promote healing after this sad legacy. And the tradition of radio for peace in Rwanda continues. It's called Ghosts of Hate Radio, originally podcast on rabble in 2006, and repeated this week on The Green Planet Monitor. ( As reported in the news.