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Hiyam Janduda: Blood Drive

hiyam janduda: His wife, Hiyam Janduda, added that donating blood is a way of saying thanks to the country that has helped so many people start new lives, according to CTV. The coordinated effort, which included cities from Halifax to Vancouver, has been declared Syrian Canadian Donation Day by the Ottawa-based non-profit Humans for Peace Institution, which also hopes to make this an annual event. We need to save lives, donor Adel Ghanam said from Calgary. Donating blood, one organizer explained, is considered a significant symbolic gesture across much of the Middle East. To give blood is to give life, Syrian refugee Mohammed Alsaleh, who helped organize Vancouver's blood drive, added. When people want to really assure you that they are going to do whatever they can for you, they always say, I'm going to sacrifice my blood for you,' said Sam Nammoura, a Syrian-Canadian who co-founded Calgary's Syrian Refugee Support Group. ( As reported in the news.