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Gratton: Immigration Detainee and Wound I

gratton: The lack of information has been unsettling for Gratton, who says the fog around his wife's final moments has left him with an open wound, according to Toronto Star. I just want answers, you know he said. None of the authorities involved not the jail, not the coroner and not the Canada Border Services Agency, which was holding his wife as an immigration detainee has told him how the woman with whom he had shared his life for more than 30 years came to be found in medical distress in her cell and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. I'm just trying to figure out what happened. Article Continued Below Teresa Michelle Gratton died Oct. 30 while being indefinitely detained in a maximum-security jail by the Canada Border Services Agency. Teresa Michelle Gratton, a 50-year-old grandmother, died Oct. 30 at the maximum-security Vanier Centre for Women, where she was being indefinitely detained not because she was criminally charged or sentenced, but because Canada's border police, the CBSA, wanted to deport her, and they believed she would not show up for her immigration hearing. ( As reported in the news.