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Government: Trudeau Government and Harper Government

government: Growing restrictions on U.S. immigration are also leading many talented scientists to look elsewhere for opportunities, including in Canada. ; It's easy and comforting perhaps to think that similar problems encountered under the former Harper government in Canada have been resolved since the election of the Trudeau government in 2015, according to National Observer. But while the Trudeau government has proven much more supportive of science than the former Harper government, serious systemic problems remain that endanger both the integrity and future of public science in Canada. Under U.S. president Donald Trump's administration, the dismissal and defunding of science especially, but not limited to, climate and environmental science has given new urgency to efforts to protect and promote science in the public interest. They cannot wait to be resolved by a later generation or government. While that's a marked improvement over the 90% who said the same thing in 2013, it's hardly reassuring to think that fewer than half of federal scientists are free to tell Canadians what they do for a living or what they know. According to a recent Environics survey of federal scientists commissioned by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, over half 53% of respondents continue to say they cannot speak freely about science and their research. ( As reported in the news.