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Gop Accomplishments: Border Wall and Budget Bill

gop accomplishments: Trump started picking apart some GOP accomplishments, including the big budget bill, and complaining that others, namely his border wall, remained undone.article continues below Trending Stories Senior awarded 93K for fall into West Vancouver sidewalk hole Dianne Turner quietly exits role with the Vancouver School Board Vancouver Tenants Union 'encouraged' by formation of Rental Housing Task ForceVPD debuts new, four-legged members Now, Congress returns from spring break Monday scrambling to compile a to-do list that will satisfy a president they desperately need to be promoting their achievements, not undermining them, as they prepare to hit the campaign trail, according to Vancouver Courier. A lot of members would prefer to spend the rest of the year focusing on getting re-elected, but there's pressure from the White House ... to deliver more policy wins before facing voters, said Alex Conant, a GOP strategist. But President Trump was not impressed. But belittling lawmakers and badgering them to work doesn't help instil voter confidence in Republicans already facing an enthusiasm gap with Democrats fired up to go to the polls, strategists say. Every day that Trump attacks Congress, he hurts Republicans' chance of keeping the majority, Conant said. They need Trump on their side, not piling on. ( As reported in the news.