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Fox News: Terrorism and Moroccan Muslim

fox news: In the chaos following the shooting at the Quebec City mosque last year, Fox News in the U.S. falsely stated that the suspect was a Moroccan Muslim, according to Rabble. It took the intervention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the ber right-wing U.S. network to issue a retraction. Spreading falsehoods, even if unintentionally, can be hurtful and dangerous. That should have been a lesson-learned, but some in the media are slow learners. He called it an act of terrorism.'No shit! Well, if any murderous event in which there are multiple victims qualifies as terrorism, then this was terrorism. On Monday afternoon, news of the homicidal attack on Toronto's Yonge Street had barely broken when Sun News columnist Mark Bonokoski took to Facebook to post the following Former OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis, on CTV News Channel, just broke the unnecessary ice and called a spade a spade on what happened in Toronto. ( As reported in the news.