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Force: Muslim Officers

force: Rotrand recently suggested that Sikh police officers be allowed to wear turbans and Muslim officers be allowed hijabs to attract more diverse recruits and build a force that better reflects the population it serves, according to National Observer. Montreal mayor Valerie Plante immediately expressed an openness to the proposal and considers efforts to be more inclusive a sign of the times . While French Quebecers' aversion to religion is understandable and rooted in historical reasons, it's frustrating to still see the province ruled by it. Judging by the countless op-eds, heated online comments, and overzealous statements by Quebec politicians, following Montreal councillor Marvin Rotrand's suggestion to allow them in Montreal police uniforms, a consensus is nowhere to be reached. Toulastake cdnpoli qcpoli secularism hijab turban However, that's where the political enthusiasm for the proposal came to a screeching halt. In a rare display of unanimity, all opposition parties, The Parti Qu b cois, Coalition Avenir Qu bec and Qu bec Solidaire rejected the idea. With a fall election on the horizon, provincial parties grabbed on to this counterproductive debate and, once again, made it an electoral issue. ( As reported in the news.