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Family: Reality Television and Tv Antonym

family: Reality television, whether it is competition-based or drama-filled, can be an entertaining and meaningful lens through which to look at society, according to NOW Magazine. Here's a list of reality shows from 2017 or prior streaming on Netflix that you may not know about and need to add to your algorithm. And for good reason. Chrisley Knows Best 2014 Seasons one eight episodes and two 12 episodes The Chrisleys are my new favourite American family. They are the TV antonym to the Thompsons of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo liberal, open minded and self-aware. Serving up whiteness for all to ridicule, this show about a wealthy, white, Southern family might conjure up ideas of conservative, Christian, racists and homophobes, but the Chrisleys are anything but. ( As reported in the news.