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Eritrean Migrants: Israel and Ctv News

eritrean migrants: In addition to the resettlement, other African migrants in the southern part of Tel-Aviv were to be relocated to other parts of Israel, given legal status and offered job training, according to CTV. However, Israel's President Benjamin Netanyahu took to Facebook hours later to say that he is suspending the agreement pending further consideration. The agreement between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR and Israel, was to have around 16,000 Sudanese and Eritrean migrants relocated to receiving countries using resettlement, private sponsorships, and scholarships. UNHCR Representative in Canada, Jean-Nicolas Beuze, told CTV News that western countries like Canada, would be among those bringing in these asylum-seekers. So we hope that this will continue and that the number may eventually increase in the short-term, Beuze said on CTV Power Play. There is a long tradition here in Canada, to have private sponsors helping refugees to come to Canada and settle there. ( As reported in the news.