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Cosby Show: Cosby and African-American Man

cosby show: Before Cosby and The Cosby Show, no affluent, educated black family existed on TV. Before Cosby, few black celebrities were hired to pitch something as mainstream as Jell-O. It all made for an unmatched contribution to ethnic equality, a legacy seemingly invulnerable to claims spanning decades that America's Dad was sexually abusing women, according to The Chronicle Herald. He denied it all and, year after year, that proved good enough. Before Cosby and I Spy, no African-American man had landed the lead in a television drama series. Until it wasn't. Jurors convicted the 80-year-old comedian of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand, whose 2004 experience with Cosby echoed that of so many of his accusers who emerged before last year's MeToo wave began. The collective willingness to trust in Cosby ended in a Pennsylvania courtroom Thursday. ( As reported in the news.