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Cookie-Cutter Houses: Chain-Linked Fences and Time I

cookie-cutter houses: When their house was finished a year later, it was one of a new batch of cookie-cutter houses in a neatly organized subdivision, where chain-linked fences divided lawns and large picture windows allowed neighbours to spy on each other from the safety of their living rooms, according to NOW Magazine. Leung captures this era of Scarborough in her new book, That Time I Loved You Harper Collins Canada . It's a beautiful collection of heartwarming, funny short stories that explore the inner lives of the people who make up the subdivision, like June and Josie, two Chinese middle-schoolers who come of age in Scarborough and through one another; Darren, a comic-book-loving young Black boy who realizes too young the cruelties of racism; and Mrs. During their first year in Canada, Leung and her family would make weekly trips from their rented apartment in Etobicoke to the construction site of their future home in Scarborough. Da Silva, a Portuguese immigrant trying to find her footing in a big new city. Last year, Nuit Blanche announced the 2018 festival would expand to Scarborough due partially to community demand. Over the past year, Scarborough and the Toronto suburbs in general have been the muse and backdrop to some of the city's most exciting arts and culture, whether through literature like David Chariandy's Brother and Catherine Hernandez's Scarborough, or films like Joyce Wong's Wexford Plaza. ( As reported in the news.