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Confinement Linda: Torture and Facebook Post

confinement linda: California is a state that has a torture law, noted anti-torture crusader Linda Mac Donald in her Facebook post, meaning that if convicted, the Turpin parents face extra penalties beyond those provided for, say, unlawful confinement, according to Rabble. Linda and her campaign partner Jeanne Sarson have been lobbying for recognition of non-state torture NST since 1993, five years after the UN Committee on Torture began its work in 1988. The parents are charged with torture and child endangerment, CNN reported. In March, their paper on NST with Jackie Jones was part of a groundbreaking publication, Gender and Torture. International human rights law, traditionally, has not protected women from the harms they have suffered as a result of being women, wrote the anthology's editor, Macarena S ez, of the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at the American University Washington College of Law. With papers by more than 25 experts, the anthology expands on former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan E. Mendez's 2016 report on gender perspectives on torture -- which turned existing law on its head by suggesting states should look at the act committed, rather than who committed the act and why. ( As reported in the news.