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City Elections: Grant Canadian and Community Centres

city elections: Giving that community a political voice makes sense, says Ashvan Wal, a Canadian permanent resident living in Vancouver, according to Toronto Star. We pay taxes just as citizens do, we're contributing members of the society, we volunteer, we work, we pay for city services like community centres, schools, salaries, said the 20-year old. If passed, the motion on notice would direct the city to ask the B.C. government, which has jurisdiction over city elections, to grant Canadian permanent residents the right to vote at a municipal level. If our money is good enough, if we're good enough to work, then why are we not good enough to be included in important decisions that affect our lives Article Continued Below Wal participated in a Vancouver Foundation initiative called Lost VotesYVR last year that pushed for voter rights for permanent residents. There were 60,000 permanent residents living in Vancouver as of 2011 and about 10,000 more permanent residents arrive in Vancouver every year, according to Statistics Canada. Her family, who immigrated to Vancouver in 2010, has applied for Canadian citizenship. ( As reported in the news.