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Christian Values: Europe Orban and Anti-Immigrant Platform

christian values: The latest victory for right-wing populists occurred April 8 when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a decisive third consecutive mandate, which many see as yet another omen of tough times ahead for the future of democracy in that country as well as other parts of Europe, according to Toronto Star. Orban ran on an anti-immigrant platform aimed primarily at Muslim immigrants, championing himself as a defender of Christian values and dismissing his critics and opponents as elites who were out to ruin traditional Hungary. At the same time, populists and autocratic leaders are on the rise everywhere in the U.S. with Donald Trump, in Europe with a series of right-wing leaders, and right here in Ontario, with first Rob Ford and now Doug Ford. Indeed, liberal democracy as we have come to know, is now in serious danger. Democracy, by Yascha Mounk, a Harvard University lecturer on government, that is receiving rave reviews in the U.S. and Europe. Article Continued Below That stark reality is the basis of a new book, The People vs. ( As reported in the news.