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Child Care: Women and Gender Equality

child care: In addition to the battle on choice, women were fighting for pay equity, affordable and accessible child care, and gender equality under the constitution, according to Rabble. There was already a network of rape crisis centres and shelters providing services to women and advocating for better laws and more awareness of male violence against women. The 1980s was the height of the women's movement in Canada. Young women had established co-operative daycare centres on campuses across the country and were working to get government support. And there were more women in professional jobs, which provided both a financial base and a certain access to power that we hadn't had during the previous decade, but women were still struggling for equality.I knew some of the women in what became the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics, who were active in IWD. Many of them considered themselves socialist feminists. We had the struggles of the '70s under our belts, having learned a lot about organizing and lobbying. ( As reported in the news.