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Carnage: Opinion and Yonge St

carnage: Yet we are blessed with a collective defence unique to Toronto, according to Toronto Star. The difference is that we are different for our diversity offers immunity, at least partially, from the bigotry and blaming that erupt in times of trouble elsewhere. The impact here is more piercing, for we Canadians imagine ourselves to be exempt from terror at a safe distance from the geographical and political hot spots that make targets of global cities. Read more Opinion Edward Keenan Cop who faced down suspect in Yonge St. carnage an example for all of us Article Continued Below Opinion Heather Mallick No elitism in response to carnage, only compassion Opinion Rosie Dimanno Toronto van tragedy bonds city in blood. Who were these people react-empty 146 The victims, eyewitnesses, police and paramedics on the scene were all Torontonians, yes. But no one will say the word terrorism'Stop for a second, look and listen to what happened, who it happened to, how the city responded. ( As reported in the news.