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Capital: Networking Conference and Jerusalem

capital: While the Conservatives initially refused to follow Trump's lead in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, they changed their tune at the Manning Centre's Networking Conference in early February, according to Rabble. A few weeks later, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's office articulated the party's new policy via a bold webpage. The issue has no direct bearing on Canadians, but is sure to be leveraged for maximum symbolic value in the run up to next year's federal elections. Scheer spokesperson Jake Enwright made the Conservatives' electoral intents clear, stating, If Canadians want a government who will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, we want their support to recognize that. When releasing historic Palestine from British colonial rule after World War II, the UN General Assembly had the wisdom to designate Jerusalem as an international city, to be administered by the United Nations. The problem is, such an approach will further undermine everything Canada and its diplomatic partners have striven to achieve in the Middle East over the past 70 years. ( As reported in the news.