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Border: Trump and Guard

border: In Washington, Marine Lt, according to Toronto Star. Gen. The deployment is in very early planning stages, the National Guard in Texas said in a statement. Kenneth F. McKenzie told reporters at the Pentagon that it has not yet been determined how many, if any, of the troops participating in the border security operation will be armed. Jerry Brown would respond to Trump's call. Read more Trump signs order sending National Guard to U.S.-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration Article Continued Below Trump says he'll use troops to guard the border with Mexico until his wall is built Why Trump is so furious over a U.S.-bound caravan' of Central American migrants With troops in all states, the National Guard has been called on by past presidents and governors to help secure U.S. borders, and the Texas contingent said it had firsthand knowledge of the mission and operating area that will allow it to move seamlessly into the new role. react-empty 144 The Republican governors of the border states of Arizona and New Mexico also welcomed deployment of the guard along the southwest border as a matter of public safety, but it was unclear how Democratic California Gov. ( As reported in the news.