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Book Details: Scott Clark and Vancouver Underworld

book details: The book details a civil war in the Vancouver underworld, but its rival gangs members of a multi-ethnic smuggling ring versus a posse of protection racketeering bikers are too broadly comedic to give offense to any actual mobsters, according to Vancouver Observer. On the other hand, the protagonist, one Scott Clark, seems a tad too hauntingly familiar to be entirely made up. After all, I don't want to get killed, he shudders, nervously scanning the coffee house precincts through thick spectacles.I'm not convinced. He's a wisecracking, 30-ish, slightly plashy white boy, not altogether unlike Demers himself; a potty-mouthed polyglot, equally at home swearing and getting sworn at in Punjabi, Cantonese, Qu b cois or four-letter English a product, no doubt, of the Burquitlam upbringing that he shares with his author. But maybe that's where the similarity ends. Like Demers, he survived high school as a nerdy outcast, reliant on a threesome of fellow geeks. ( As reported in the news.