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Barrington Street: Chinese Population and Korean Barbecue

barrington street: Compared to big-city Chinatowns, it's a blip on the urban landscape, according to National Observer. But for a city more accustomed to Irish pubs and fish and chips, this tiny pocket of businesses around where Barrington Street turns sharply into Inglis Street tells the story of a steady flow of newcomers to Halifax from China. They are the early signs of a fledgling Chinatown. ; It's very small, and as with Chinatowns elsewhere it's not all Chinese some of the smattering of businesses specialize in Korean barbecue, Vietnamese pho or Indian groceries. Halifax, a busy port city of about 400,000 and home to several universities, has long had a small Chinese population. As more stay rather than returning to China or moving west to Toronto or Vancouver a critical mass of Chinese ex-pats is slowly forming, potentially encouraging others to put down roots. What's changing is the number of Chinese immigrants choosing to make it their permanent home. ( As reported in the news.