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Australia Government: Asylum Seekers and Nauru

australia government: Martin, now a permanent resident of Australia, said Nauru was attempting to avoid outside scrutiny by depriving its own 10,000 citizens as well as the asylum seekers with the option of appealing Nauru Supreme Court decisions to the Australian High Court, according to Metro News. Martin also said the Australia government would welcome asylum seekers on Nauru no longer seeking help from Australia's justice system. Nick Martin worked as a doctor at an Australia-run immigration camp on Nauru in 2016 and 2017 before becoming a vocal critic of the conditions that the estimated 1,000 asylum seekers there endure. Nauru has shown itself to be an inadequate place to house refugees, and anything that allows Australia to distance itself from Nauru when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers, Australia will welcome it, Martin said. But Nauru gave its former colonial master 90 days' notice in December that it was ending that agreement. Australia has been hearing Nauru court appeals since 1976. ( As reported in the news.