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Anote Tong and Docs Festival

film: The documentary is screening May 2 and 4 at Toronto's Hot Docs festival as well as other festivals in the next few months, according to Rabble. Kiribati population 100,000 sits in what is called the centre of the world -- on the equator and smack dab on the international east-west dateline. This is an era of urgency and if you are going to catch a climate change film, be sure to watch this deeply moving, people-centred one. We thought we were so isolated we could be immune from the tribulations of the world, intones the wise Anote Tong, who served as the country's leader from 2003 to 2016. It is a finely tuned film dressed in deep melancholy and shot with so much care and cinematic artistry and prowess, you'll feel deeply as your eyes are submerged in the images. The documentary follows Tong over the last years of his term as he struggles to save his country and culture from the ravages of extreme storms and sea-level rise. ( As reported in the news.