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Women Entrepreneurs: Cora-Lee Mcguire-Cyrette and Executive Director

women entrepreneurs: FedNor has never focused on gender before, but that's about to change, Hajdu told CBC. Just because people can apply from both genders doesn't mean that women are going to have the equality of access, and so making sure that women entrepreneurs at the table knew that there would be a specific focus for them, I think that was something that was very specific to northern Ontario, she said, according to CBC. Cora-Lee McGuire-Cyrette is the executive director of the Ontario Native Women's Association. Women's equality is a key theme of the budget, and Hajdu touted a number of its provisions at the event at the Scand Restaurant, including an additional 2 billion in funding for Indigenous skills training over the next five years and an additional 28 million for Fed Nor, of which 6 million will be devoted to female entrepreneurship. She said increased funding for Indigenous skills development in the federal budget will help create change in communities. What that effectively meant was that Indigenous skills training had declined in value, and that as the population grew and as dollars remained stagnant in fact there was less to go around, she said. Heather Kitching/CBC As Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, Hajdu said, she fought hard for the extra funding for the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy ASETS adding she was distressed to find the program had not had an increase since its creation in 1999, despite the fact that provincial education transfers rise with inflation. ( As reported in the news.