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Venezuelan Circles: Boa Vista and Kritce Montero

venezuelan circles: In dozens of interviews over four days, many said they had not had more than one meal a day for the last year, according to CTV. Some wore baggy clothes, had emaciated faces and complained of medical issues ranging from children with measles to diabetics with no insulin. Many arrive weak from hunger and with no money for a hotel, food or the 9 bus ride to Boa Vista, the capital of the Brazilian state of Roraima, known in Venezuelan circles as a place that offers three meals a day. Kritce Montero tried to shush 6-month-old Hector, who cried from hunger even after breast-feeding while his family and several hundred other Venezuelans waited to be processed at the border. After spending the night sleeping on the ground in Pacaraima, a dusty border town in the Amazon, they took another bus 130 miles 210 kilometres to Boa Vista. Montero, who said she lost 57 pounds 26 kilograms the last year from eating just one meal a day, travelled with Hector and her 7-year-old daughter 18 hours by bus from Maturin, a city in northeast Venezuela. ( As reported in the news.