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Trump-Related Scandal: Story I and Clueless Offspring

trump-related scandal: It is the deep drag of their nature just as it is for parents who wreck their lives to rescue their clueless offspring, according to Toronto Star. Jack, you're grounded.I write about the Letts because there is a poignance to the story I have yet to find that in any Trump-related scandal of the daft/vile Western men who went to Syria, perhaps to join Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and now yearn for a homeland that regards them with disgust. But how and where Teenagers, they do madden us to the max. The Star's famed national security reporter Michelle Shephard has written about the case, which is complicated and poses problems for every nation and person drawn into it. British-born Jack, who has unspecified mental health problems plus OCD and Tourette's syndrome, converted to Islam as a teenager, left the U.K., headed to Kuwait at age 18 amazingly with his parents' permission and in 2014 popped up in Syria. Here's the mad part. ( As reported in the news.