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Time Police: Officer and Police

time police: One day, an officer asked, Have you ever thought about being a police officer yourself It was the farthest thing from the mind of the Egyptian-born Bahgat, who arrived in Columbus as a teenager in 1980 speaking almost no English, according to Metro News. But he applied and has served as an officer in Ohio's largest city for 21 years. Often, he had the situation in hand by the time police showed up. Recently, police chief Kim Jacobs appointed Bahgat a liaison officer between the department and the city's growing immigrant populations, particularly people from Somalia and Bhutanese-Nepali refugees. There has definitely been some areas where law enforcement doesn't understand the culture, and likewise the culture doesn't understand why we do the things that we do, Bahgat told worshippers last month at Masjid Ibnu Taymiyah and Islamic Center, a mosque on Columbus' north side serving mainly Somali immigrants. Bahgat joins Columbus officers with outreach responsibilities to the black and gay communities. ( As reported in the news.