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Ticket Counters: Studies Project and Roma Woman

ticket counters: In their hands, they clutch a single suitcase, each filled with the only possessions they brought with them to their new country, according to CBC. What would they pack And what do those items say about them One battered suitcase took inspiration from the story of a Roma woman. Immigrants walk past worn wooden benches and ticket counters in the wood-frame building as they prepare for their new lives in Canada. Margaret Gallagher/CBC Those questions inspired a special art and social studies project from Grade 10 students at Burnaby North Secondary. Erbil, Seattle, Vancouver why one asylum seeker walked across the border into B.C. We wanted to pull immigrants and immigration out of a dark 'blob' of people you fear, that are unknown, said museum coordinator Markus Farher. Students thought about what they would bring if they could only pack one suitcase and those suitcases are now on display at the Port Moody Station Museum. ( As reported in the news.