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Summary Report and Quebec

year: Yet when the motion's summary report was issued last month -- almost a year later -- the most striking upshot was the general apathy, according to Rabble. The media and public ignored the fact that the report recommended that January 29 -- the anniversary of the horrific 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting -- be designated as a national day of remembrance and action on islamophobia. The motion itself repeatedly topped the news last year after initial Parliamentary debates in mid-February. This, just weeks after Liberal Quebec premier Philippe Couillard made headlines after siding with Quebec's sovereigntist and conservative parties in opposing such a move. After dominating headlines for weeks, the motion sparked protests and counter-protests across the country. For those who might have forgotten, after M-103 was introduced last year, its parliamentary sponsor Iqra Khalid received death threats among thousands of hate emails. ( As reported in the news.