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Sudanese Regime: President Kiir and Neighbouring Countries

sudanese regime: Soldiers from the Dinka ethnic group, one of the two largest ethnic groups in South Sudan, aligned with President Kiir and those from the Nuer ethnic group, the other largest ethnic group, supported Machar, according to The Chronicle Herald. At the time, the country was only two years old, having finally liberated itself from rule by the Sudanese regime in Khartoum after decades of warfare. The violence immediately took on an ethnic character. Since then, well over 50,000 people have died in the conflict, more than two million have fled to neighbouring countries and almost two million more are internally displaced, despite the presence of 17,000 UN peacekeepers in the country. Under the threat of international sanctions and following several rounds of negotiations Kiir had signed a peace agreement with Machar in August 2015 and the latter returned to the capital, Juba, in April 2016 after spending more than two years outside of the country. Armed groups have targeted civilians along ethnic lines, committed rape and sexual violence, destroyed property and looted villages and recruited children into their ranks. ( As reported in the news.