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Style Trends: Pharrell Williams and Sidney Poitier

style trends: It's already a financial blockbuster, and it shows all indications that it will become a cultural touchstone, she says, according to Toronto Star. And that suits her just fine, as White, a Nassau County resident and former editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine, has just come out with a lush new coffee-table book examining how Black style trends and icons from Beyonc Rihanna and Pharrell Williams to Michelle Obama, Sidney Poitier and Maya Angelou have influenced today's mainstream fashion and pop culture. That was at the forefront of Constance C.R. White's mind as she sat in a movie theatre watching Black Panther, Marvel's mega-hit, much-buzzed-about film. Packed with more than 150 photos, How to Slay Inspiration From the Queens and Kings of Black Style Rizzoli, 75 is like a Hollywood Walk-of-Fame for African-American stylemakers. With each page turn, White brings back memories, and makes a point. Look, there's Josephine Baker the Rihanna of her day, as White points out in a banana belt, pearls and little else . There's Pam Grier, in all her blaxploitation badness; Cab Calloway, in Zaz Zuh Zaz zoot suit; or Halle Berry, ultra glam on the Oscars red carpet, and again in her Die Another Day Bond-girl bikini packing a blade. ( As reported in the news.