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Sector Analysts: Spending Plans and Justice Point

sector analysts: Two of the budget's most prominent statistics are not part of the government's balance sheet, or its taxing or spending plans, according to Rabble. They are figures provided by private sector analysts as to the economic value of enhancing women's equality and participation in the workforce. This budget focuses on women, not just from an equity or a social justice point of view, but from an economic perspective. First, federal finance minister Bill Morneau quotes his good friends at the global consulting firm McKinsey, who estimate that by taking steps to advance greater equality for women Canada could add 150 billion to its economy. Canadian women are more likely to work part-time than men; they face a wage gap vis- -vis men; and are underrepresented in positions of leadership. He then cites the Royal Bank of Canada's estimate that adding more women to the workforce could add as much as four per cent to Canada's gross domestic product GDP . The minister goes on to frankly describe the many and high barriers that make it difficult for women to fully succeed in today's economy. ( As reported in the news.