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Runner-Up Norway: Helliwell and Nordic Countries

runner-up norway: The country jumped from the fifth spot to take over first place from runner-up Norway, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland rounding out the top five, according to the new report, which tracks happiness from 2015 to 2017 and was co-edited by Canadian economist John F. Helliwell, according to CTV. Some observers have noted that colder-climate countries tend to be well-represented at the top of the list. And once again, Nordic countries have swapped positions -- this year, it's Finland's turn on top. Helliwell said that may not be a coincidence. Helliwell said, in Canada, that sense of community is more pronounced away from the country's large urban centres. An occasionally harsh climate is a good way of building the kind of co-operative spirit . . . and in fact makes people happy to co-operate with each other in protecting and making life work, he told CTV News Channel on Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.