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Richard Kurland: Immigration Programs and Policy Analyst

richard kurland: The figures provided to The Canadian Press through freedom-of-information laws show the self-reported travels of 88 immigrants in P.E.I's Provincial Nominee Program PNP who signed deals saying they'd run a firm for 12 months, according to CTV. The absence rates demonstrate the Island needs to move to match the higher standards of other provinces, a veteran observer of Canada's immigration programs says. Despite the days away, they were not disqualified from the program and have been granted permanent residency with the freedom to move anywhere in Canada. Prince Edward Island just has to up its game here, said Richard Kurland, a Vancouver-based immigration lawyer and policy analyst, in a telephone interview. One person deemed to be a successful participant in the Island's program was gone 182 days, a day short of the maximum allowed. The Island program requires immigrants to provide active and ongoing management of the business from within Prince Edward Island, but the contracts also say the newcomers are only required to show they spend half the year in Canada. ( As reported in the news.