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Results Minorities: Cent and Ticket Buyers

results minorities: Among its results minorities accounted for the majority of ticket buyers for five of the top 10 films at the global box office, and half of ticket buyers for two more of the top 10, according to CTV. Researchers found that minorities remain underrepresented in film leads 13.9 per cent film directors 12.6 per cent film writers 8.1 per cent broadcast scripted leads 18.7 per cent cable scripted leads 20.2 per cent and digital series leads 12.9 per cent . Many of those totals do represent some modest gains, especially when viewed across five years. UCLA's Bunche Center released its fifth annual study on diversity in the entertainment industry Tuesday, unveiling an analysis of the top 200 theatrical film releases of 2016 and 1,251 broadcast, cable and digital platform TV shows from the 2015-2016 season. Minority leads on broadcast TV shows increased from 5.1 per cent to 15.7 over the last five years, according to UCLA's studies. There has been some progress, undeniably. But other areas -- especially behind the camera -- have seen only slight or no improvement. ( As reported in the news.