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Removal Operations: Greg Archambeault and California Operation

removal operations: The San Diego operation targeted 533 people who have been convicted or charged with a crime, have a judge's order to leave the United States or are known to have re-entered the country illegally after having been previously deported, said Greg Archambeault, San Diego field office director for enforcement and removal operations, according to Metro News. The agency's typical capture rate is about 30 per cent in such operations, Archambeault said. It was U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's third California operation in barely a month, following one in the Los Angeles area that resulted in 212 arrests and one in Northern California that had 232 arrests. Authorities said rainy weather and a decision to shorten the operation by one day - Tuesday to Thursday - kept arrests lower than the previous two operations. Teams of six officers in San Diego were each required to identify 100 targets for the operation, with priority given to those with the most serious criminal and immigration histories. Identifying targets requires painstaking preparation that includes vetting public records and doing home surveillance. ( As reported in the news.