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People Non-Monarchies: Saudi Arabia and Gulf Emirates

people non-monarchies: From Morocco in the west to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates in the east, monarchies have proven more stable than places that experimented with government of the people, according to The Chronicle Herald. Non-monarchies like Syria and Yemen, which before their wars did have functioning central governments, never made much of a pretense of democracy not even in the half-hearted sense of communist East Germany calling itself a Democratic Republic. But the bigger picture is that in the Middle East as a whole, democracy has largely failed to take hold. And today many argue that with so little democratic tradition and so much illiteracy in the case of Egypt, at least a quarter of the population some places are just not ready. That largely predetermines the result and diminishes democracy into something of a census. Countries that tried fairly free balloting like Iraq and Libya after the fall of Moammar Gadhafi tended to find the effort mired in tribal and sectarian voting. ( As reported in the news.