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People: Brexit Referendum and Decision-Making Abilities

people: It is perplexing to me that people could be influenced in casting their votes in the recent U.S. election and the U.K. Brexit referendum, according to The Chronicle Herald. Yet it seems people do lose elements of their cognitive functioning and decision-making abilities with overuse of technologies, over time, as is now being shown through research and evidence. Equifax, Home Depot Do we really believe there is protection of our private information on any social media or technological platform despite the attempts of those providers to reassure us People choose to reveal every detail of their lives, including medical and health-related ones, on several social media platforms, then express disdain when/if any entity uses that information for business or data-mining purposes. Therefore, let us be advised to not be surprised by this recent turn of events or perhaps, even more sinister future revelations of how personal information is used. Sandra Bauld, HRM Bull riding gives us bad name Halifax has made considerable strides in becoming a world-class travel destination. After all, it is each individual's choice to engage in these ways. ( As reported in the news.