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News Conference: Sweden and Fox News

news conference: He added that he didn't mind taking a little heat for his past comments because he proved to be right, according to The Chronicle Herald. The president drew widespread criticism more than a year ago when he told a rally that immigration was spreading violence and extremism, pointing to what's happening last night in Sweden. Trump said during a joint news conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan L fven that immigration has certainly caused problems in Sweden. Nothing extraordinary had taken place in Sweden the previous night, but it happened to be when Trump saw an analyst talking about the subject on Fox News. In fact, two days after the rally, a riot broke out in an immigrant neighbourhood but no one died and the biggest surprise for many Swedes was that a police officer found it necessary to fire his gun. Trump has previously claimed vindication, telling Time magazine that soon after his remarks the country had a massive riot, and death, and problems. ( As reported in the news.