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Measure and Turnouts

cent: By any measure, the electorate is more alienated and disengaged than at any time in the history of the province especially if you look at the biggest measure of all In the last two elections, barely half of Ontarians bothered to cast a ballot an embarrassing 48 per cent voted in 2011, and a dispiriting 51 per cent turned out in 2014, according to Toronto Star. Article Continued Below They were the worst showings by civic no-shows in our democratic history. Beyond the front-page headlines, our democracy has never seemed so disconnected. And far worse turnouts than in any other provincial or federal election ever. No matter who wins on June 7, the worsening turnouts will prove a losing proposition for everyone the politicians and the people. With the next election coming in roughly 100 days, Ontario's democratic deficit is creating a crisis of confidence that no party can solve alone. ( As reported in the news.