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Mass Rape: Women and Grassroots Movement

mass rape: Across the Atlantic, the women typing were ordinary citizens, peace activists who were opposed to the violence in disintegrating Yugoslavia, according to Toronto Star. They wrote of the horrors they witnessed ethnic cleansing, systematic mass rape. They came every two or three days, when slow-moving communication networks were able to push them out. For Hutchinson recently appointed NATO's special representative for women, peace and security the stories from the grassroots movement made her realize how much women suffered in conflict, but also, how they as powerful and engaged women collectively can change things, change our lives. That was the start of the work that I currently do, says Hutchinson. She was so struck by the idea that a few years later, Hutchinson left her job in New Brunswick, where she had co-founded a company training people to use the Internet, and went to England to begin a master's at Newcastle University on international relations, with an emphasis on women and policy. ( As reported in the news.