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Mainstream Parties: Italy and Migration Matters

mainstream parties: Read more Italy's populist party woos angry voters in south as economic woes worsen Migration matters The issue continues to disrupt and inflame European politics, including in Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and now Italy, according to Toronto Star. With Greece, Italy has borne the brunt of historically large movements of refugees and migrants into Europe from places such as Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Here are some other takeaways from a throw the bums out Italian election. Article Continued Below There is a strong feeling that the mainstream parties have no answer and that Italy got little help from the European Union in Brussels or from other member states. There was a sense in Italy of total abandonment over migration, which didn't become a crisis until Germany suffered, and then stopped being one, said Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Once Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany had cut off the migrant flow through Central Europe by doing deals with Turkey, neither Berlin nor Brussels seemed to care anymore a European policy on migration is still unresolved. ( As reported in the news.