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Kansas City

city: He was being held in the jail in Platte County, Missouri, about 25 miles 40 kilometres north of Kansas City, and did not attend the hearing, according to Metro News. The ruling does not keep Jamal from being deported, and The Kansas City Star reported that his attorney, Rehka Sharma-Crawford, acknowledged that he faces difficulties in staying in the U.S. But she said she was thankful for the judge's ruling. A federal judge on Tuesday freed a Kansas father fighting efforts by the U.S. to deport him to Bangladesh pending the outcome of his case.U.S. District Judge Roseann Ketchmark ordered the release of Syed Ahmed Jamal, 55, after a hearing in Kansas City, Missouri. Jamal and his supporters have been battling his deportation since Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested him in January at his family's home in Lawrence, about 40 miles west 64 kilometres of Kansas City. I made a promise to those kids to bring their dad home, Sharma-Crawford said.ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer said in an email that the agency is complying with the judge's order but Jamal still faces a deportation order issued by an immigration judge. His three children are U.S. citizens. ( As reported in the news.