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Jordan Peterson: Gender-Neutral Pronouns and Lindsay Shepherd

jordan peterson: The group's co-founder and president is Lindsay Shepherd, according to CBC. She made headlines last fall after she was sanctioned by a professor for showing a video that included Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor, who has argued against using gender-neutral pronouns in a class for which she was a teaching assistant. Goldy is giving a talk on keeping Canada's borders closed to immigration as part of a speaker series being put on by a new campus group, Laurier Society for Open Inquiry. 13 people named to Wilfrid Laurier freedom of expression task force No formal complaint triggered Wilfrid Laurier teaching assistant's censure Her talk is entitled, Ethnocide Multiculturalism and European Canadian Identity and is part of the group's new Unpopular Opinion Speaker Series. Goldy's talk was initially meant to be a debate on immigration, with Goldy arguing for the closed border side. The fight over free speech at universities comes down to the question of the purpose of higher-ed Goldy did not immediately respond to CBC's request for an interview. But Shepherd said no one would agree to debate Goldy, with one person saying to do so would legitimize Goldy's views. ( As reported in the news.