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Infant Daughter: Ooze Pus and Motorcycle Crash

infant daughter: A young man whose femur had torn through his skin in a motorcycle crash needed antibiotics for an infection, according to Toronto Star. An elderly retiree with a swollen foot arrived after taking a 20-hour bus ride from Caracas because doctors there told his family the only treatment they could offer was amputation without anesthesia or antibiotics. An 18-year-old woman rubbed her swollen belly after fleeing with her infant daughter when the wounds from her C-section began to ooze pus. If you want to sign, sign. Read more Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro threatens to ban opposition parties from future elections Article Continued Below Venezuela's creditor meeting is a bust as S&P declares country in default More than 500 killed over 2 years in Venezuelan government anti-crime campaign report As Venezuela's economic crisis worsens, rising numbers are fleeing in a burgeoning refugee crisis that is drawing alarm across Latin America. But we are not responsible for the life of your father, Teresa Tobar, 36, quoted the doctors in Venezuela as telling her when they handed over the papers to authorize her father's surgery. ( As reported in the news.