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Indian Language: Time I and Questions I

indian language: My kids have never visited India, according to Toronto Star. They don't know how to speak Urdu, the language I grew up with, or Malayalam, the south Indian language of my husband's family. And if they do, what exactly have they lost These are questions I and my fellow second generation immigrant friends wonder and worry about for our children. They also have no spicy-Indian-food game, and any time I make biryani or rajmah or palak paneer, they ask what else they can eat for dinner. In China, the saying is wealth never survives three generations. They do like butter chicken, but when a curry is also a pizza-and-poutine topping choice, it loses its cultural authenticity.A well-known Italian idiom, shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations, refers to the accumulation and loss of wealth across generations. ( As reported in the news.