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Increase Affordability: Development Institute and Anne Mcmullin

increase affordability: Anne McMullin, the CEO of the Urban Development Institute, was left to sing that same old song we need more supply to increase affordability, according to Vancouver Courier. She also predicted that adding or increasing taxes such as the foreign buyers' tax will only drive prices up. So I find it amusing to watch while people set their hair on fire over the provincial government's modest attempts to cool down the real estate market.article continues below Trending Stories Pregnant woman's split-second heroics prevented suicide attempt on Granville bridge Province extends ability to get non-photo BC Services card Man kicks librarian in stomach at homeless housing meeting Greater Vancouver home prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019 analysisrelatedNDP taking housing affordability seriously with budget, says business prof Four in five British Columbians support new real estate taxes Robin Hood budget designed to take from rich and give to poor The influx of Chinese excuse me foreign capital has been at the heart of escalating real estate values here and many places around the globe. But the simple fact is, as a number of academics have concluded, and the Globe and Mail's Kerry Gold has reported, the problem is not supply it is a matter of the right kind of supply. But it is the kind of supply that appeals to wealthy foreign and domestic speculators not your average working stiff. We produce more new units of housing per person coming into Metro Vancouver than Toronto or Calgary. ( As reported in the news.